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Many Thanks

I would like to thank the following warriors who offered their time, energy and input to help us refine our combative programs over the years.

(The following names are in no particular order, and for those we have neglected to mention, please forgive us.)

Gary Klugiewicz, Chris Shepard, Gene Zink, John Meyer, Preston Covey, Steve Clagget, Sandy Wall, Joe Ferrera, Jim Worthington, , Mike Ferguson, Shane Ludwig, Paul Minner, Tim Pierce, Mark Babyak, Jeff Chudwin, Jim Campbell, Chris Caracci, Cam Conklin, Steve Luckey, Bob Willis, Jon Saterstad, Bennie Cooley, Phil Singleton, 'Coach' Bob Lindsey, Josh Collins, and several men who's names can't appear at this point in their careers - they know who they are... 
Their desire to improve, not just personally, but tactically, can be felt through their selfless attitudes and desire to help law enforcement and military units survive violent encounters.

During courses, after hours, over the phone and through e-mail, they evaluated tactics, shared ideas, opinions, and made honest suggestions while we researched, refined and assembled our combative programs.

It was their personal input and feedback that has helped the B.T.C.M.S. Training Division reach the standard for which it is known today.

These men embody integrity.

Thank you all.

-Tony Blauer
President & CEO of B.T.C.M.S.

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In North America call toll-free: 1-877-773-2748 or Overseas 1-760-270-9640
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