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Mr. Blauer, I’ve been reading your work for years and appreciate how detailed and researched it is. However, I’m still a bit confused by what you mean when you say that we must train “3-dimensionally”. What exactly do you mean?

The ‘3-Dimensional’ principle refers to the integration of psychological, emotional and bio-mechanic components to design and inspire training. In other words, my system is inspired by this simple rule: where & how we train must correspond to where & how we fight.

Unwittingly, most of us train in a one-dimensional arena; I call the ‘sport model’ (lets spar to the body/let’s grapple/lets box/let’s go shoot on the range at a stationary target). The ‘sport model’ always involves consent, awareness, focus on good form and proper technique. However, real fights rarely include consent, awareness, good form or proper technique! This is the greatest paradox of modern self-defense training and one of the reasons ‘experts’ misunderstand our research. Real confrontations occur in the three Dimensional world and all fights involve the dimensions of the body/mind system (emotional, psychological & physical). Therefore, all our principles and drills are based on emotional/psychological support or interference with a specific tactic (as would be the case in real life).

Remember; in a real incident, sensory overload accounts for more fear, doubt and hesitation than the actual attack. The punch, tackle, shove is a one-dimensional obstacle that, in a vacuum, is fairly easy to defeat, but overload the intended recipient with emotions and thoughts outside the dojo, the ring, the tournament and many feel the pressure.

This reality has inspired our research for over two decades and it’s why we have been doing simulations and controlled and scientific force-on-force training evolutions for the past 20 years.

How does the P.D.R. training program differ from most of the other “reality” schools? Do you guys just spar more, or go harder using HIGH GEAR™?

In the P.D.R. program we do not spar. Sparring is a sport-training model and while it has great benefits, many of those skills do not readily transfer to street confidence or personal defense skills. So where we differ is our focus on evolutionary drills that do include contact, pain management principles, verbal assault drills, fear management sessions and so on. The P.D.R. program is specifically geared towards YOUR personal ability and what you must focus on to DETECT, DEFUSE or DEFEND yourself in a credible confrontation. Once the 3-Dimensional tools are in place, the HIGH GEAR™ suits are used in various contact training evolutions (simulations, replications, Ballistic Micro-Fights™) where we inject more speed and contact to help simulate assaultive behaviors while keeping our role-players more protected.

I understand that you’ve changed your scenario-based training system from the original Panic Attack™ concept to the Ballistic Micro-Fight™. Can you describe the differences and why you’ve changed?

The change occurred over two decades really. When you’re doing thousands of hours of drills and evolutions, evolution had better take place!! While we always intuitively knew to include scenario location and dialogue, our original sessions were really hard-core force-on-force confrontations; over time I started to inject moral and legal parameters to the drills. I would tell the defender ‘escape’ was the only option (as an example) and this suddenly forced a stun & run application. In another evolution I would have the aggressor ‘be’ a family member and this again totally changed the verbal phase and subsequent degree of physical tactics. In time we created a catalogue of characters, locations and scenarios. Fights became very focused and strategic and therefore shorter because a directive was introduced. There’s a lot more to it, but this presents a Reader’s Digest explanation. Our program is a thinking person's course – you must be into strategy, mind-set, tactics appreciate the research.

As a long-time martial artist I don’t worry too much about my ability to handle myself in a confrontation. However, I have a wife and two daughters who aren’t interested in hard-core training but would like to know some self-defense. Would your system be a good fit for them?

Absolutely. The tactics are simple and based on common actions. If you’ve read about the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ you know that the program is based on instincts, intuition and natural movement triggered by behavior. Even the actual tactics we teach during a ‘stun & run’ choice are demystified to mirror common movement so that the connection between muscle-memory and reactive response is bridged. This all sounds like Latin to some, but the system is simple to learn and with the right fear management and simulation training, people learn it very quickly.

Why do you use the term Personal Defense Readiness?

Much of my research and work is with professional warriors: police officers, soldiers, and protective specialists. These men and women move towards the danger at great risk to protect our way of life. The term ‘readiness’ is inspired from the military principle of ‘readiness’ a state of preparedness proportional to threat and the time it would take to mobilize to address that threat. While pondering the logistics of say getting a battalion ready to move I thought about ‘personal’ readiness and how the principle should/must apply to those interested in self-defense. Then looking at how most trained I realized that the idea of evaluating readiness and recognizing the components that affect the formula for stimulus (gap time) response were quantifiable and could easily be put into a system…and so, Personal Defense Readiness™ was born.

I really enjoy my school and present style, but I'm very interested in the Blauer System, I'm concerned about possible conflicts.

Whether you are a freestyle martial artist, an instructor, novice or member of any organization - you are welcome and invited to train with Tony Blauer and his team.

I'm a police officer and martial artist, will I be able to use this system?

Martial artists, special forces personnel, police officers and many self-defense instructors around the world use our drills, psychology and research. You can too.

I have a lot of respect and loyalty for my instructor, but I feel that we don't cover many of the emotional and psychological areas your research covers. I am eager to learn, but I sort of feel guilty that I'm considering studying your research.

Any serious martial artist knows there is no place for ego or politics in combat. You can effectively cross-train with us while studying another system. As the world gets more violent, Mr. Blauer's extensive research into real-life confrontations becomes even more valuable.

I have followed the CHU FEN DO system for years, it's seems very similar to Jeet Kune Do. Are they the same?

At a glance, they may appear similar, but if you deeply analyze the two, you'll notice significant differences. Remember, all 'contact' systems share common themes and tactics. However, our system is quite different from Jeet Kune Do.  (By the way, Mr. Blauer considers it a compliment to have his system compared to Bruce Lee's ground-breaking system, and in fact, Tony was greatly inspired by Bruce.) For the record, CHU FEN DO evolved into the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™, which grew into the PDR program.  It is pure street survival. We are truly concerned with your "street safety". You learn what works. Period.

Can you really learn from a video?

It depends on the information on the video. Our videos are shot 'LIVE'. That means 'no-edits', no 're-takes' and no choreography. This process accomplishes two things: Firstly, you feel as though you're part of a class and secondly, it allows you to really see what our system is about.If you're serious about your training check out the UFS web-site and video reviews. These are independent reviews of many well-known martial artist's tapes. Please review their critiques for an unbiased opinion.

I'm an instructor and run my own school. If I study Mr. Blauer's material am I entitled to teach it?

It depends on the concpet, content and context. If its a reference, a quote, an idea then as long as you're citing the source your are being professional. However if you are using concepts and tactics in a commercial setting, then you have a moral and legal responsibility to learn the material professionally and only then to teach it professionally. Many of Mr. Blauer's concepts have been Trademarked, Copyrighted or fall under the protection of Intellectual Property. It is important to keep the moral and legal channels clear. If your intention is to use our research in seminars & schools, do the right thing and 'earn' a certification.  We offer professional programs through the PERSONAL DEFENSE READINESS program, contact our office for specific details.

I'm pretty happy at my school, but I really want to feel more confident for an actual 'street altercation', I'm just concerned that your approach will conflict with my style.

Tony Blauer's system is not a "style", therefore, it cannot interfere with your training or your school's approach. You can stay loyal to your style , and still 'cross-train' for street survival using our research. Get an injection of inspiration. You'll learn:

- Advanced training concepts ( ALL for the street)
- Personal Defense stances, footwork, close quarter skills, punches & strikes, kicks,
- Advanced groundfighting
- Interceptions & jams
- Street skills, emotional climate drills, training drills, psychology and even a suggested reading list!

If you’ve always wanted to teach real-world self-defense, B.T.C.M.S. offers a professional instructor development program based on this research. This program is open to any qualified instructor from any style as well, its open to interested individuals with a strong martial art background.

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