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High Gear

I train for MMA style fighting, how can you really prepare for that level of contact if you're wearing gear?

Firstly, HIGH GEAR™ is an 'Impact Reduction Suit'. We've designed it so that it does transfer energy (i.e. PAIN!). You can get knocked out, winded, submitted and more with our gear and that is part of the design. Secondly, the original sweet science, boxing, has used padding to help protect and prepare fighters for over 100 years.

Boxers wear 16 ozs. gloves and headgear to train but remove the additional padding to fight. Think of HIGH GEAR™ as 'boxing gear' but for the entire body. Remember, the gear is used in conjunction with other impact and conditioning drills. If you're an MMA fighter, you do need to train without gear. Check out the Mixed Martial Arts directory for more on its uses for this sport.

Can you use weapons with HIGH GEAR™?

ONLY if they are practice 'replica' weapons. HIGH GEAR™ is NOT constructed with any type of Kevlar or ballistic fabric, so you cannot shoot or stab it. It has been used extensively with F/x rounds such as Simunitions and paint ball, (If you plan on using the gear for force-on-force training with F/x rounds some modification is required near the visor to completely seal the mask from Murphy Rounds).

Can you use Duty Impact gear, like batons?

There is an important tradeoff between providing realistic stimuli [mobility, speed, realistic movement] and protection. If the added protection DOES NOT enhance the tactical confidence of the defender, then the training was irrelevant. With HIGH GEAR™, we opted to create the realistic stimuli in order to practice 'real' action/reaction.

Remember: bad-guys who resist move in real time at real speeds, so developing power on a slower, bigger target is an overrated skill that ultimately has little application in a real world fight.

Is the gear easy to clean?

HIGH GEAR™ is pretty much constructed like hockey equipment. After an serious workout, simply sponge wash it and hang it to dry. The fabrics are all polyester and nylon, and wipe down easily and dry pretty quickly.

How long does a suit last?

We still use HIGH GEAR™ suits and components that are 5 & 6 years old at our school for our MMA and simulation training and the gear is still alive & kicking. The construction is heavy duty and if you follow our trainer guidelines [supplied with each order] the gear will last & last. Naturally, like any piece of equipment placed under stress, [and depending on who's banging on it, tugging on it etc.] there are a few stress points that might require some work - often a 10 minute job at a tailor/shoemaker.

How portable is it?

Two complete HIGH GEAR™ suits will fit in a regular size duffle bag (we do offer custom embroidered bags if you need) or suit case. So bringing the gear to a martial art camp or class is simple and mobile training teams can always have the gear packed.

How does sizing work?

The HIGH GEAR™ suit should fit snugly. Sizing suggestions can be found here.

Can it take a full impact shot?

Yes, but you can't! HIGH GEAR™ transfers energy and you will feel good, clean strikes. Power is an overrated concept. (Being powerful at the right time is key, but that is very different). For those of you who do not understand the importance of a spontaneous mobility suit vs. the Michelin Man type model, consider this observable fact: boxers never miss the heavy bag, but in real fights, they miss their opponents often.

How long does it take to receive once I order the gear?

Most gear is shipped within 4-6 weeks, but because HIGH GEAR™ is hand-crafted, we always plan for a 6-8 week window.

How does your gear compare with other suits on the market?

Honestly, there's nothing like HIGH GEAR™ on the market. It was designed so that you could train in it and fight in it. No gear allows you to replicate your tactics like the HIGH GEAR™ suit does and this is a training breakthrough in both safety and confidence building. Where most companies emphasize the impact resistance of the gear, we went completely the other way (read the 'Evolution/Revolution' section for complete details on this). Remember, HIGH GEAR™ was deigned by Tony Blauer after 10 years of doing simulations, so the gear was designed for the event - it was designed to assist in development real-life skills rather than just offering padded protection.

Caveat Emptor: There are three copies of our gear. One from Canada, one from the orient another from Germany. If you're serious about buying the original and integrity matters to you then you can feel safe ordering from us directly.



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