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ROI and the Economics of Violence

-Tony Blauer, President and CEO of B.T.C.M.S.

When my firm does an evaluation of a client's needs, we'll start off first by discussing the Economics of Violence. It's imperative that our clients understand and appreciate our philosophy prior to beginning the training.

Most guess, that I'm referring to the millions of dollars that random physical violence costs our nation every year or the millions lost to workplace violence. But actually my question is more base, more selfish, if you will.

When I mention the 'Economics of Violence", I'm talking specifically about YOU.

Simply put: no matter how much money you have, you cannot afford to be attacked. And no matter how profitable your firm is, it cannot afford for you to be attacked. No one can afford for 'you' to be attacked. Not you. Not your family. Not your colleagues. No one. Period.

So what exactly does self-defense have to do with business, shareholders and the bottom-line?

Capital. Intellectual capital. That's the 'bottom-line, isn't it? No company can thrive or survive without the commitment, energy, passion and creativity of it's key personnel. Well 'fear' can erode all that and violence can cut it short - in a flash. Whether you're an expatriate, an executive who travels extensively or you just work in a big city, applying the strategies of corporate 'risk management' to you and your team is just plain smart.

In fact, it's a pretty wise investment.


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