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Since 1982 I have been teaching and writing about the importance of using behaviorally based and scenario-based combative systems to create confidence and knowledge. The PANIC ATTACK™ drill (circa 1982) was one of the first ever structured force-on-force training exercises for self-defense. Our research into fear management was ongoing, but the programs crystallized over a 5-year research period into the Cerebral Self-Defense™ seminar and the 'BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD™' principle (circa 1988).

Now, more than 20 years after our first force-on-force simulation, this approach to street preparation has caught on and I'm proud to have been a part of this important martial evolution. More importantly, I'm extremely honored to receive requests for advanced training and certification from other professionals in the martial arts, defensive tactics & combatives fields who want to include our research into their classes and communities.

It is truly exciting to me to have so much interest pouring in from all over the world regarding the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™, HIGH GEAR™, Ballistic Micro-Fights™ and so on.


The PDR program was inspired by the best-selling 'BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD/PDR' manual which covers everything from mindsets to fear management, groundfighting to stun & run tactics and much more. It's a template towards your personal goals and your student's success.

The current program is far more reaching, but that's its origin and is what inspired most instructors to join our team.

Please review this section to learn more about our program.

Stay safe,

Tony Blauer
Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.



To address this interest I have created a unique program that allows for integration of our research while allowing the instructor to maintain autonomy. In other words, this is not a franchise setup. Your creativity, independence and intelligence is valued in this relationship and I encourage you to maintain that individualism irrespective of your level of involvement with my organization.


Our reputation and standards for certification are well known. I will not just give you a piece of paper because you mail me a check. To be endorsed and part of our international network you must successfully complete all of the following stages: application, selection, preparation, training and finally certfication.

Those accepted are invited to train with me in a small group setting (with all other perspective applicants). We will train for 3 days (over a weekend). Class size is limited. Graduates will receive full endorsement to teach based on the curriculum.

The training will connect you to other PDR instructors who promote Blauer research nationally and internationally. There will be a cohesive structure for training and teaching and the PDR manual will provide standards & structure. It will also create a recognized satellite network for cross training.

We have had individuals from all over the world attend; Japan, Australia, UK, Venezuela, Bahamas, and of course North America. The response has been incredible.

If teaching our system or enhancing the safety of your students or community sounds like something for you, let's initiate contact. Our course is designed for realistic, open-minded and 'out-of-the-box' martial artists and instructors interested in injecting BTS's research (ethically & professionally) into their schools and community. If that's you, please contact us for an application.


Twice a year we hold a 3-day intensive Professional Development program in various locations throughout the United States. All attendees stay at a 4-star host hotel and are immersed in intensive training, instructor development, tactical drilling and more.


If you're already thinking about it, you're probably almost ready! There's a reason people gravitate towards our systems and it has to do with the behavioral side of the research, the fear management and so on. Preparation for the weekend's session is anywhere from 3-6 months, which is why it's held just twice a year. A lot will be dictated by your experience level as many who attend have already been exposed to our research for years. If you haven't, there is still plenty of time to train and absorb the material.


STEP 1: E-mail us for an application. If accepted, you register and receive the pre-session info package to study. Remember, a three day course is not a long time, but in reality, you will be preparing for this from the moment you decide to attend and you've been preparing for this your entire martial career. The behavioral research fills in the missing links.

STEP 2: After registration you'll receive a list of videos & reading material to assist you in the preparation.

STEP 3: Over the course of the weekend we blend research modules, live inter-action, team building, video analysis, force-on-force drills, PowerPoints on fear management, course design, program management along with detailed handouts that include course outlines and seminar templates to support the your investment in the PDR process.

Please Note: A more detailed description of the process is released once we receive your official application.


Absolutely not! There are some qualifications & requirements that must be turned in shortly after the session. These are again directed towards personal & professional development.


For those of you who run a school, you can now use this template to create a new class or add to your system. For those of you who want to start teaching self-defense, here's an opportunity to reach the real market: the general public.



  • Full endorsement through BTS
  • Course and training tips and templates
  • Promotion & listing on our website
  • Discounts on HIGH GEAR™ & training DVDs
  • Updates on PDR related research and training
  • Seminar assistance for marketing & promoting in your community
  • Opportunity to join the Law Enforcement Training Division
  • Access to the Private PDR forum



The professional Personal Defense Readiness™ program is designed for those wishing to expand or start a private sector self-defense business. Since our company's main thrust is providing trainer development to the law enforcement community & military communities, no one will be authorized to teach the PDR material 'commercially' to law enforcement or military groups without special arrangement with my company. We offer advanced sessions for this sort of training. DO NOT misinterpret this. We have many police officers & soldiers who are part of the PDR Team. If you are unsure in any way, give us a call.

If you do not own any of my material, your first step is to get your hands on the Personal Defense Readiness™ manual. Make the small investment and get yourself a copy because it will help you evaluate the PDR program, my research and education style.


Here are just some of the concepts covered:


  • Survival Philosophy and Psychology
  • The "Ten Commandments" of Street Survival
  • Psychological F.E.A.R.
  • The critical areas you must examine
  • The Myth of Peak Performance
  • Overkill Training Mentality
  • Destructive Streetfight Kicking
  • Street Modified Boxing
  • The Sucker Punch Drill
  • Close Quarter ‘Muscle Memory’ Form
  • Streetfight Ballistic Grappling
  • BTS Street Psychology
  • Combining the Ranges in the Street
  • Broken Rhythm, Sub-ranges and Overlapping Ranges
  • The Range Rover
  • Cross-Training for the Street
  • Street Self-Defense for Beginners
  • Roots of the Chu Fen Do System
  • The "Reflexive Response"
  • The Strong Side Forward Myth
  • Intro to the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM



"It is not the danger that makes us afraid...it is the fear of danger."

-BTS maxim

The more you know about combatives, the safer you, your family, your students, partners, team and anyone else you choose to train will be. The PDR manual has been referred to as a "Modern Book of Five Rings"; a contemporary guide to strategy, tactics and mindset. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

"Train Hard & Stay Safe"

Tony Blauer



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