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The SPEAR System: Personal Defense Readiness™ Trainer Program (PDR)

Thanks for your interest in the SPEAR System: Personal Defense Readiness™ Trainer Program (PDR). If you've read this information before, you can skip it and go straight to the bottom and click the application link. If you're new to this page, take 10 minutes and read this carefully.


Since May 1980, when Coach Blauer first appeared in the iconic Black Belt magazine, his research has impacted and influenced many leading martial artists and self-defense practitioners around the world. You can see his influence in most modern self-defense programs, equipment design, and even the language used to describe self-defense. Regardless of whether you are new to teaching personal safety skills or an old-timer, this is a unique opportunity to affiliate with one of the world's leading brands in the self-defense world.  The next step is for YOU to learn it professionally from the Blauer team.


The program you are considering is the latest evolution of Coach Blauer’s SPEAR System & Personal Defense Readiness program. It is the amalgamation of over 35 years of empirical research and has been carefully crafted into a world-class trainer development methodology designed for individuals & organizations who 
wish to professionally affiliate with Blauer Tactical Systems because they need realistic, relevant safety, self-defense and protection skills.    


The course is open to self-defense trainers, martial artists, defensive tactics & combatives instructors who run private training, commercial self-defense schools, gyms or local training companies and wish to gain certification in our methodology.

An association with Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc. through the SPEAR: PDR Program is an asset to you whether you’re just starting out teaching self-defense or already an established leader in your community. An affiliation with us not only gives you access to cutting edge training, it will enhance your standing and credibility within the community you serve as well as differentiate your business from others.


Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) is one of the world's leading consulting companies specializing in the research and development of close quarter tactics & scenario-based training for law enforcement, military and professional self-defense instructors.

Read our entire company BIO here

  • Since 1979, Tony Blauer has researched fear and analyzed its affects on performance. Over a decade of groundbreaking research went into the CEREBRAL SELF-DEFENSE: Mental Edge™ program - the first behaviorally based self-defense course of it's kind.
  • In 1982, eleven years before the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the popularity of no-holds-barred events shook the martial arts world, Tony Blauer had created the PANIC ATTACK SYSTEM™. The first no-holds-barred scenario based contact simulation system where role-playing, scenarios and tactics converge to help the student understand what really happens during a street attack.
  • In 1987, Tony Blauer developed a drill that proved that instinctual, subconscious movement is always faster than cognitive muscle-memory. This process, now known as the S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ is unlike any other self-defense method. It does not rely on learned muscle movement or memorized skill sets. It has been designed around human nature and behavior making it the simplest, most natural and instinctive way to protect yourself.
  • In 1990, Coach Blauer recognized the need for new safety equipment that would allow practitioners to creatively explore and practice real-life self-defense. It was this necessity that produced a significant breakthrough in protective gear: The HIGH GEAR™ 'Impact Reduction Suit' (used worldwide by law enforcement and military for their scenario training, as well by martial artists, self-defense trainers and MMA fighters  around the world).
  • For over 30+ years, Tony Blauer has innovated and pioneered some of the most important concepts and drills in the DT, combatives and martial arts world. He has been featured in over 100 magazines worldwide (from FORBES MAGAZINE to SWAT, from Men's Fitness to Black Belt), numerous magazine covers, dozens of radio & TV programs including CNN and FOX TV. He has worked with thousands around the world: celebrities, bodyguards, martial artists, women's shelters, Fortune 500 companies, elite counter-terrorist groups, Special Forces Units, SWAT teams and police agencies.
  • Coach Tony Blauer is one of the only Combatives experts who has successfully affected training across all the combat related communities: self-defense, combat sports and the military & law enforcement sector. His research on physiology and mindset, as it relates to confrontation management, has influenced over three-decades of reality-based martial artists. 


Blauer Tactical is committed to enhancing safety - worldwide. 

Our Mission, for over thirty years, has been to research, refine and share the most realistic, relevant and responsible personal defense system in the world and to train, mentor and develop individuals and organizations so that they in turn become the best trainers and coaches of the most realistic, relevant and responsible personal defense system in the world.

To support our mission, we created a three-dimensional training curriculum and education that is called the SPEAR: PDR Trainer Course.  This is our entry-level course. We do offer continuing education and training with the SPEAR: PDR Trainer Course Level 2, as well as advanced specialized courses like the High Gear Scenario Instructor Course and the SPEAR SYSTEM: PDR Coach (Level 3). In addition, we have training specialists who offer audience and industry specific courses for teaching children, security specialists, healthcare, firefighters and more.


Our entry-level trainer course is open to any law-abiding citizen who is looking to improve their skill and knowledge in this very important field: personal and public safety. The primary goal of these courses is to broaden trainers' knowledge in methodologies best for improving personal safety, specifically using the SPEAR System research and our Three D’s Model: Detect, Defuse, Defend. 

This proprietary methodology includes breakthrough research that includes  skills and drills on situational awareness, fear management, and primal gross-motor movement. The first course serves as the foundation of our entire methodology. Progressing through the other levels is up to you.  It not a requirement.  However, your certification only lasts 24 months at which point you would need to participate in another course to maintain your status.  

DELIVERABLES (Biz Speak for ‘What you get’)

  1. A proprietary method taught by a professional team.
  1. Private pre-load videos to help you prepare for the course
  1. Smaller, intimate groups to ensure you get the attention you need to succeed
  1. Post session consultation & follow-up via group webinar & private Skype call
  1. Professional, ethical and community-driven mission & culture. 
  1. Access to our international network of trainers, instructors and coaches via private groups online. 
  1. Permission to use the SPEAR PDR brand in your presentation, marketing making it easier to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.
  1. You will be one of the select handful of SPEAR PDR instructors given the opportunity to offer the SPEAR System PDR program to your community. 

Value Added

  • Commercial exposure by being listed on our website (must meet guidelines).
  • Discounts on HIGH GEAR equipment, DVDs, audio, manuals, etc.
  • Options to attend additional certifications in our specialty programs. 
  • Access to our private SPEAR PDR forum. 
  • Custom lesson plans, articles and PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Each graduate is assigned a mentor to help them with any questions they may have from personal training tips, to course design, naming conventions and even web-site set up.

Your Deliverables

  1. Study the preload videos.
  2. Read as much about the SPEAR System as possible.
  3. Start thinking about how real world self-defense is different than martial arts.
  4. Read some of the classic articles on Coach Blauer’s blog.
  5. Show up with an open mind.
  6. Respect the research, the program, and the mission.
  7. On time is late.  Be punctual for every session, every meeting.
  8. Take copious notes.
  9. Ask questions.
  10. Dive in.
  11. Commit to making your community safer.

Post Course Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. You agree to help us with our mission; to help make the world safer
  1. You agree to teach the curriculum we presented you
  1. You agree to always do your best present our methodology in the most professional light possible.
  1. You agree to list and identify any copyrighted materials on your marketing, presentation material, including website and business cards


The total fee for the session is $1999.00* (US funds). 

This amount includes the following:  

  • 2.5-days training (Typically a Friday night, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Your tuition includes all manuals and study guides required at the course and course Pre-load videos. This amount does NOT include your affiliation fee which is $750 per year.
  • *Travel, Hotel and food are not included.   
  • We do offer a special discount for active law enforcement, military, firefighters, and first responders. We also offer discounts to graduates of our other courses: SPEAR, PDR & the CrossFit Defense Trainer course. 
  • We don’t compare our product and fees with other self-defense companies online, but we’ve heard that our program is not only competitive but quite a lot less expensive than what was expected. This is a big step so we encourage you to do your diligence and research it.  
  • An affiliation with Blauer Tactical Systems is an investment, our company is unique in many ways; the real value is the research.


After graduation, certified PDR Fundamentals Coaches pay a yearly affiliation/license fee that provides them all the privileges mentioned so far.  You also get access to the SPEAR PDR specific trade names and logos to professionally promote your program. 

The affiliation & license fee allows you to professionally integrate research into your current classroom curriculum, to run stand-alone SPEAR: PDR classes and in-house workshops in your school/s or at your program(s).

Every company has a license fee/royalty formula, non-compete / non-disclosure agreement. Where we differ greatly from other affiliations is we don’t charge you a 'per student' fee or impose any monthly minimums - there's no pressure and no hidden clause.  The fee is just $750 for the entire year (this breaks down to less than $15 per week.)


This is a professional trainer program designed for those wishing to teach the SPEAR: PDR program to the private sector, specifically their community. Our company's main business is instructor level training and program design for the law enforcement, military and other government entities, therefore, no one graduating this course is authorized to teach our SPEAR:PDR material 'commercially' to law enforcement, military groups or other government entities without written permission and by special arrangement with Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.  

ARE YOU ACTIVE LE/MIL, FIREFIGHTER, FIRST-RESPONDER? Many active LE or MIL attending this course for personal skills development, re-certification, continuing education or professional development.  They can integrate the drills and principles into their courses but cannot certify their attendees or charge independently for the class.  We also have many police officers & soldiers who are part of the SPEAR: PDR Team. If you are unsure what this means or how it affects your training or goals, don't guess or assume -  give us a call.

*If you are unclear or uncertain with this clause, DO NOT pay any money.  DO NOT fill out the application and contact us for a phone consultation.



Good question. 

If you are going to bring it to your community it's necessary for you to share what you learned with them.  It gives you a training partner and also a demo buddy and assistant for your classes. However,  since they did not attend the actual training then they are not officially certified.  Again, the world is litigious.  Morally and legally they should not be running any SPEAR PDR based session solo. The obvious answer is to get them certified.  Let us know if you have staff that will be assisting you and we’ll work something out. We offer special pricing if your company pays for their certification.   


Our staff is committed to you at each level of your development.  We want you to succeed. That supports our mission.  So we are there for post-session consultation (by phone, private web-based learning, and advanced sessions). But initially, our focus is on your personal skill development.  What good is a slick website if you can't deliver the course?

Here’s the typical progression follows this path:

Exhilarated by the all info graduate rushes to start teaching… they get their name, website, business card all ready only to discover they are not ready. 

Though you may be excited to start you're not really ready after one weekend - regardless of how many years you've been teaching other methods - this is still new material. New drills, new nomenclature. The professional thing to do is prepare.  Just like a professional actor isn't ready for opening night until he’s practiced rehearsed and worked out the entire show, neither are you.  Professionals understand this.  We all need to rehearse - which means practice the movements, practice the theory and the lectures. Grow slowly and smart.  Create a bedrock of competence which will lead to confidence.

Coach Blauer likes to use this science lab metaphor:

“When you first learn something new you approach the subject like a technician, very meticulous, analytical.  Even though you're excited by the material you're not really ready to run the class or assist the professor.  As you apply yourself more you start to see the bigger picture.  Now you're ready to be a ‘TI’: teacher's assistant.  More responsibility, you understand the mechanics and the experiments but you're also conscious that there's a student there trying to absorb it all.  In time you become the professor where you understand how the material is applied - you see the big picture.  As a self-defense trainer, you've gone from the physical movements, reciting the theory to a more dynamic application to the scenario.”

Philosophically we break the SPEAR System and PDR program into three phases Fundamentals, Principles and Systems.  They represent the path from mechanics to dynamics to more alive movement patterns. 


Corporate Answer: Of course you can fail. You will be evaluated throughout the course, not just on performance and interaction, the movements, the drills and so on, but also punctuality, communication skills and overall professionalism. This may seem old-fashioned, but our graduates are also ambassadors. 

Philosophical Answer: The course is set up for you to succeed.  That’s the only way to make the world safer.  However, we only get to see how people carry themselves, interact and behave once they are in the course. Pragmatically speaking, this course is not about passing or failing. It’s about learning and growing. There is structure and progressions in place to ensure proper standards, quality assurances & correct & effective application of the methodology.  

Having said that we have regrettably had to fail some individuals over the years and even dismiss some people from the team because they came with a different  agenda than our mission.  

*It’s very rare since the system is based on natural and functional movement, but if you're really struggling and the lead instructor feels you need additional work in some areas, you will be given post session requirements. If you and your instructor feel an additional training session is the best, you will be invited back to another course at no charge.   


Everyone. Since our system is behaviorally based it seamlessly can augment any other integrates with any other intelligent martial art system. We have had practitioners and instructors from krav maga, Kapap, JKD, point fighters, MMA fighters to DT & combative instructors from the law enforcement and military.  What unified all these people who came from diverse systems was their professionalism in being able to offer a realistic and relevant self-defense program to augment their courses offerings. 

The PDR program is that diverse and that dynamic. Our research fills several voids by creating new training modules, lesson plans and more. As pioneers in scenario-based training, our program will add another dimension to your curriculum. If you are dedicated, disciplined and motivated you will succeed. 


Philosophically: Bring an open mind with a desire to learn and grow. A great teacher must also be a great student. Real leaders can sit among other leaders and listen as students! Therefore, your ability to ‘Be a Student’ is important to us. Remember, virtually everyone in the session is already an instructor or experienced enough to teach. This is not a course for 'beginners.  

Literally:  Bring note taking material or technology (iPad, tablet, smart phone, etc).  Bring water and snacks and an extra shirt each day. You can audio record lecture, but you cannot video the presentations.


We do make some exceptions.  If you feel like you want to attend and you're not in the training field, write us a detailed letter explaining why you want to attend.  In the past we have accepted certain individuals who’ve demonstrated the need (legitimate safety concerns) to intensely passionate desire and they satisfied our concern that they were not going to be teaching the material.


Teaching self-defense is serious business. What you say and teach to a client will influence how they respond to danger.  We take that very seriously.  Before you decide to take the next step, watch these three videos, read the two articles, read the two testimonials links.

Video Resources:

Written Resources:

    1. Three Testimonials You should read
    1. Testimonials from Past SPEAR PDR Participants

If you have any specific questions or concern we did not cover, let us know. We will be happy to discuss them, just give us a call or email us. If you’re ready to take this important step in your martial/self-defense or combatives career, we can assure you it will be most rewarding. We look forward to meeting you at a SPEAR:PDR session soon. 


Click this link and start your application

And remember, humans really do run this company, if you have a question just ask...


Stay safe,

Tony Blauer

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