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PDR Home Study


Geography prevents many people from training directly with us. However that hasn't stopped those who are serious and motivated from learning our methods from a distance. We now offer over 70 videos, audios and manuals that make home study both viable and effective. Our videos are all shot live and in one 'take' so that you know what would work and what wouldn't (no retakes in a street attack!).


Our program is all about your personal safety, your ability, your confidence and your skill. Our approach is not about finesse, it's all about function. Your ability must match the challenge in a real confrontation.


Personal Defense Readiness is all about mindset, attitude, a level of personal and technical awareness, and then tactical ability. If you've read the section on the S.P.E.A.R.™ System, then you know that anyone can learn our method and inject into their personal toolbox or study our program in the comfort of their homes.


Private training is available in select cities. With our new Instructor Development program, Personal Defense Readiness™ coaches continue to be groomed from around the world and spread the system to their students & schools through seminars and private classes.


This program DOES NOT endorse or entitle the participant to any professional teaching status or to use our material commercially. If this is your desire, we offer a professional development program especially for this, so if your interest or intention is to teach based on our research, please read the Instructor Certification section.


If you are an experienced martial artist, we encourage you to first study our 'BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD' package. This program comes packed with 11+ hours of information, drills and strategies for the street (6 videos, audio, manual, etc.). The package saves you over $150 and will cement the foundation for the more advanced P.D.R. program. Please check it out in detail in the products section.

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