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High Gear

The only way to test your timing, theories and spontaneity is by practicing force-on-force drills.

Training can't just be physical, it must also address and develop the psychological & emotional side of a confrontation.


The Verbal Assault:You need gear that allows you to speak clearly (verbal is critical in a realistic scenario depiction).

Realistic Mobility: You need to move freely and you want your role-player to move freely. (Bulky gear forces practitioners to develop tactics around the gear instead of around the fight.

Sudden Transitions from Range to Range: Gear must allow you to shift instantly as you would in a real fight (heavy gear slows down movement so that you develop timing to an unrealistic stimulus).

Ergonomically Realistic: You want gear that challenges you to make contact with a target as it would appear in the street (bulky gear distorts proximity sense and creates false sense of follow through because the bulk makes the slower target to you).

Impact Reduction Design: By providing feedback through contact and measured pain through 'threshold drills', HIGH GEAR™ allows you to fully engage and test your tactics.

HIGH GEAR™ is a proprietary training suit and only weighs 7.5 lbs. It can be used with any method of scenario-based training (marking-cartridge training, DT, combatives, self-defense, etc.). It is lightweight, provides full mobility and allows role-players to explode into action. HIGH GEAR™ is the most diverse training suit on the market, period.

For ordering information email us at highgear@blauertactical.com


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